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Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer quality cleaning services across various industries; from state pavilions to upscale offices, learning institutions, banks, airports, hospitals, hotels restaurants, public toilets, football grounds and parks.

Domestic Cleaning Services

At KingGen Cleaning we provide one-off as well as regular home cleaning services and are happy to cater for all your domestic cleaning needs, with services including ironing, dusting, polishing and vacuuming.

Office Cleaning Services

We have years of experience in commercial cleaning throughout Kenya and our dedicated team understands all aspects of commercial cleaning.

Car Detailing

We maintain a specialized car detailing service that aims to clean, polish, protect and help maintain the cars’ sleek appearance restoring the vehicle to its showroom look.

window cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

High Level Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning services for both internal and external glass at both hand height and high level, using our experienced window cleaners and professional equipment.

Fumigation & Pest Control

We have perfected the art of eradicating pests by recognizing infestation trends of different pests and coming up with the reducing the damage caused by insects and other pests done

Landscaping and Gardening

Our landscaping and garden maintenance provides a unique quality management in the growth and direction of your flowers, shrubs, trees and grass.

Sanitation & Hygiene

We supply, install and service a wide range of washroom hygiene solutions such as pedal bins, dispensers, paper rolls, sanitizers and other consumables.


Garbage/Waste Management

We offer garbage collection services to corporate and residential clients. Our focus is to provide professional & eco-friendly rubbish removal and collection services.

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