Five Essential Things Commercial Cleaners Should Do on Every Visit

Five Essential Things Commercial Cleaners Should Do on Every Visit

A clean and well-maintained office will always play a significant role in the employees’ productivity when a professional cleaning service is doing the work. Businesses with commercial cleaners fare better than those without them. Your building facility should span through the daily cleaning routine.

The cleaning company should provide you with a checklist of services they provide in their package or make one with you depending on the requirements of your office facility. Regardless of the business, certain cleaning tasks are always essential. These include:

1.    Emptying Trash Bins

It is a negative image when your customers and friends see overflowing trash cans. This also affects the productivity of your employees. The impression extends into how people handle your business in different capacities.

It is vital to give trash cleaning the uttermost importance by focusing on them daily as it eliminates the uneasiness the bad smell causes. Emptying the trash cans should always be at the top of your cleaning checklist.

Your cleaners should empty every trash can and disinfect them any time they visit to clean. If employees pour food and drinks, it will be best they change the trash liners to avoid any associated odor or spread of pests.

2.    Cleaning Restrooms

A clean restroom is an indication of your respect for your customers. Cleaning the bathrooms should be done daily. It is essential to ensure that they are well-swept and mobbed. All the sinks, counters, and mirrors should not be left out.

Cleaners should ensure they all urinals have urinal deodorizers placed in them. After cleaning, they should stock toilet tissues, paper towels, sanitizers, and hand wash. They must disinfect the floors and counter surfaces and replace the air fresheners to leave a clean scent in the bathrooms.

3.    Vacuuming or Sweeping

The workspace is where your employees spend most of their time; hence it should be cleaned and sanitized often and properly. Clean floors and carpets look good and offer several health benefits. The floors of your office must be clean.

Allowing trash and dirt to build up on the floors will enable harmful allergens to build up. Allergens can cause allergies and respiratory problems in people. Your cleaners should vacuum, sweep and mob the floors regularly to prevent the buildup of allergens and make them look great.

4.    Sanitization.

After your cleaners wipe and sweep all the surfaces in your space, they should provide additional protection from harmful germs and bacteria. Disinfecting the surfaces should be done regularly. Disinfection reduces the chances of infection and secures one’s health.

It is best to disinfect all the plane surfaces with a cleaner, deodorizer, doorknobs, trash cans, elevators, and stairs.

5.    Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning the windows is another component that should be on the cleaner’s checklist. Fingerprints and some smudge marks on the window always tamper with the appearance of your office.

Cleaning the windows on every visit guarantees your facility a clean and professional appearance appealing to you and your customers.

In conclusion, the above information outlines some essential cleaning tasks your cleaners must complete every time they visit. You can add more to the list depending on what you want the office cleaners company to do. The checklist is always a complete guide for cleaners to do their job accordingly.

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