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Carpet Cleaning Services

Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Carpets need special attention as they make the room look clean and presentable. That is where, as KingGen we come up, to give you quality carpet cleaning services that will leave you happy and keep the carpet in good condition. 

We have well equipped and trained professional cleaners who are able to remove ground-in dirt that is visible and invisible with the knowledge that every cleaning needs a unique attendance. 

Types of carpet cleaning services we offer 

Not all carpet cleaning methods will work out for your carpet. So, it is important to understand the different types
of methods that
KingGen offers to make the best choice when selecting our carpet cleaning services

1.     Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: It is commonly known as steam carpet cleaning as it uses high pressure hot water that agitates the carpet fiber to dissolve the dirt in the carpet. We precondition the carpet with a liquid first which will liquify the dust and other substance often found on the carpet due to shoes and other sources.The hot water will loosen the dirt and kill any bug. It then simultaneously vacuums up any dislodged or dissolved dirt. This method is effective in removing odors, deep cleaning, and killing bacteria or dust mites.  

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