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Professional Car Detailing Services in Nairobi Kenya

We offer a highly specialised car detailing service that focuses to clean, polish, protect, and help to maintain the vehicle’s sleek look, restoring it to showroom condition. The KingGen cleaning team specializes in both interior and exterior hand upholstery cleaning. Wash as well as vacuum, interior shampoo, fabric protection, leather protection, paint protection, high speed polishing, engine shampooing, rust proofing, and wind shield water mark removal are some of our auto services specialties.

Whether those are car seat cleaners, air cleaners, full interior cleaning, or spills removal, KingGen Cleaning provides an unmatched customer experience that is tailored to your vehicle. Our qualified car cleaning staff understand how to clean the interior and exterior of cars to a professional level while keeping drying times to a minimum.

Do you desire to get rid of the bacteria and dirt left over from a prior owner so that your home is safe for both you and your household? A car dealer will only employ a standard ‘trade valet’ to enhance the appearance of the inner surface, not a sanitary clean! Is it free of germs, bacteria, fungi, or viruses left behind by the previous owner(s)? Pick our Full Interior Deep Clean service if you want to be 100% certain that all dirt, bacteria, nicotine, sweat, and body oils have been removed. Using our super heated steam solution, we will clean every surface of your vehicle’s interior. Car interior upholstery cleaning services specialize in removing dirt and stains from spilled food and beverages in your vehicle.

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